Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thanks again, Mr. Jinnah!!

Jinnah is now being discussed everywhere from board rooms to news rooms. I am still unsure about the facts, but there are reasons for which I like him. He has been the BJP's nemesis not once, but twice.

I have always disliked the party. Its a bit like cricket. When you dont like Austalia, you support the opponent no matter who it is. For many years, I thought the party was a solution to the nepotism and sycophancy in the Congress. But Godhra shattered me. The charm of Vajpayee wore off when no action was taken against Modi.

Modi grew in stature with the party and the party kept on defining for the rest of us what "culture, nationality and India" meant. Ever since, I have an utter intolerance for anything saffron (Gajar halwa, of course not included). Its appalling how a political party can raise the issue of religion in every election and get away with it. I used to pray that they did not come to power.

But since 2000, I need not have worried. Committing one faux pas after another, the party has expertly got into puddles of embarrassment. One does not even need to fight them, they can handle it themselves.

Kandahar, the coffin scam, Godhra, Cash for Votes, Raje, Jinnah and that moron called Varun Gandhi (who won from his constituency by the way). Now the party is like a volcano crumbling under its own lava. The stalwarts have retired, the ones who remain have lost it. Young leaders like Varun give me hope. With people like him, you always know the party is going nowhere. Exposing the truth about the functioning of the party, Mr. Shourie now asks RSS (a cultural organisation) to take over the party ( a political party that is answerable to the people). If Govinda was here, he would show his Colgate teeth and say " happens only in India"

So thank you, Mr. Jinnah. Even after partition, you are doing us a favour without even knowing it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

LOVE AAJ KAL - has a JAB WE MET hangover

Imtiaz Ali's films are characterised by funny lines and real people in (un)real situations. You will not find cliches and item numbers in them.

Love Aaj Kal, starring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone is the story of a couple in today's world. In a parallel story, the film also talks about love in the sepia-toned yesteryears when romeos chased their juliets on bicycles. Its a take on love in both the eras. Love Aaj Kal is not boring. Saif plays the cool dude for the nth time and yet keeps you interested. Deepika Padukone is stunning and just about ok, if you overlook her histrionics in the dramatic scenes.

What works for LAK is that the characters are believable. Just when you begin to say "Oh! No...", Ali breaks free from the stereotypes. The dialogues, like in all his films are real and funny. What doesn't work for the film is that you know that the guys will meet in the end. Some of the twists have become characteristic of his films.

The guy and the girl meeting after a long gap, the same incidents now happening to the other person etc. These were evident in both Socha Na Tha and Jab We Met. However, watch the film for Saif. Its fun while it lasts, but not something you will remember after you leave the cinema.