Thursday, July 30, 2009

Luck - Review */5

Bad Hindi films hardly perturb me these days – I have started taking them with a pinch of salt. But if you make a film estimating the audience to be absolute morons, you are in for trouble.

Soham Shah made his foray into direction with the much-hyped ‘Kaal’. His claim to fame was that he had worked under RGV and Karan Johar, two filmmakers as contrasting as chalk and cheese. However, it appears he has picked up the negatives from both of them.

The problems that plague “Luck” are too many to mention here and I will mention the two most glaring among them.

1. The film’s target audience is those with IQ levels below 50. With utter disregard for logic, Shah picks up threads of inspiration from ‘The Condemned’ and “13 Tzamti” and stirs it into a bad, tasteless film.
Sanjay Dutt plays a gangster (yawwwwn!!) who bets on the lucks of human beings. He picks up people from around the world to participate in a contest where they have to perform daredevil stunts with people placing bets on them. Not surprisingly, 6 of the ten people are from India!

Cliches that existed in the Stone Age are repeated here. Ailing wife, sobbing mother, revenge, you name it.

2. The dialogues: You might not believe me, but there is not one, and I mean ONE instance where the characters talk normally. They all dish out shayris for lines and the dialogues are without doubt the worst in recent times. I’d be surprised if Sonam Shah finds any more work as a dialogue writer after this film. Not to forget the irritating “Aazma Luck aazma” score running in the background throughout.

The performances are uninspired. Only Ravi Kishen seems bearable, but that’s only because he looks completely natural as a jerk. Imran Khan cant rise beyond the flaws and Shruti Hasan is very, very bad in the acting department.


avinash said...

hilarious...........i suggest people should read post like this and than watch the movie

disha said...

good one.......i too heard that the 1st half of the movie goes in introducing the characters itself.....aawwww :(