Thursday, January 31, 2008

I seem to notice that all my blogs seem very if i am this male meena kumari .so if anyone is readin this,please guys,i am not a dukhi atma.its just that i maintain so many diaries.i have got this journal,then the standard diary and then the diary for ads,so i guess the only time i get to blog is when i am depressed,and going by the number of posts in the last few months,i think i must be a pretty happy guy !!!!!

by the way one of my friends suggested i read this blog called "girl with a one track mind" ,it ssupposed to be this hugely popular blog written my a gal ,using a pseudonym,and it got so popular that media people started stalkin that person.the blog is now gonna be a book now.anyway i read it,somehow it wasnt all that great.i mean it was about this girl who thought of sex all the time and kept ranting about why no guy took her seriously.hmmm...i wonder why !?!?!?!

anyway,as for my life,i am just back from pune and the interview stank. i mean,why cant a guy from bhubaneswar be good at advertising.the panel went on about how they had their doubts about whethere i was "up to date " with the ad world.haha.and their guys from pune were simply kick-ass!!!! there was this guy who's sittin next to me ,asks " who is alyque padamsee?".so much for bhubaneswar.another question they asked me in the interview was "what is the cost of placing a half-page ad in a newspaper ?" now ,firslty,why the hell should i know that if i am following advertising ? and then what about little details like which paper,which page,what ad ?but then how could i ask? i was supposedly this small town kid whos lost in the big,bad world of advertising.haha!!! but going by the questions put to the other guys,i guess i cant complain.there was this one guy who was asked "whats the cost of the biotech industry in india? beat that !!!

they also asked me to name any famous ads of the world.i fumbled and answered "i like the marlboro ad..." only to realise later that ad was voted as no.1 on the most famous ad icons of the century !!!! just my fucking luck.

anyway,pune was good,except for the extreme temperatures.i stayed with murty bhai,whos an absolute sweetheart.another thing that really surprised me was that his parents are looking fora gal for him,and having a tough time.i cunt believe it.he is 30 +,well settled,has a flat in pune and is good looking with a sense of wonder i think gals are kinda dumb when it comes to picking guys.i mean if i can have a girlfriend,girls should be fighting for him by now !!!!!