Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life is dying a slow death

I know I sound like a loser,but i dunno why nothing,ever seems to go well for me.My relationships,my work,no fucking thing at all.

i think dreams are a bad thing.coz i never have dreams aer colourful,bright like the sky.but reality is like a page from "the hindu" black and white and dead boring.
Why do guys who work the hardest never get the thing they want?right in front of my eyes,I see crap flourishing everyday.and its not jealousy.its sympathy.coz they think they are good coz they meet with success,and they live in the proverbial well.

Is that why they say great things are in store???so,when are the great things gonna come off the shelves?If this is struggle,I love it.

I fucking love every fucking bit of it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!